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Young people counsellingGrowing up and becoming an adult can be confusing and tiring at times. So much is changing and you want more control over your life. It’s a time of change for parents too. Handing over control to their children can feel strange and scary. The daily tug-of-war with them over wanting more independence can be exhausting for both sides. With tempers stretched it’s easy to end up in arguments and a breakdown of communication.

And then there’s school… having to get good grades to get into a good uni to get into a good job.

Sometimes you may feel that if you don’t get top grades now, you will never make it. And you don’t want to let anybody down either. Sounds like quite a lot of performance pressure if you think about it.

Maybe to add to it all, there is somebody bullying you at school, but you feel you can’t tell teachers or parents without making it worse. You feel invisible.

Young people counsellingCounselling_Young_PeopleOr for some reason your friends are starting to give you the cold shoulder and excluding you from the group.

Who do you talk to about all of this? If you don’t feel like talking to your parents, friends or teachers about these things then counselling might be helpful. It gives you the opportunity to talk to an adult who will listen, who won’t get upset if you tell them how you really feel.

That’s what counselling is all about. The two of us sitting in a room and talking about things that are important to you.

If you would like to have a chat, just give me a call on 01494 464704 or email

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